Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Hair Transplant: Solution For Hair Loss

FUE is an internationally accepted method in hair transplanting. Follicle units are collected from a donor area and transplanted to a recipient area by an expert team of doctors and technicians. For this process, individual follicles are picked up manually by the doctors. With the arrival of the modern medical techniques, it has been made possible that the slits made for hair graft would heal within a week. More and more people have now started to prefer FUE method.
Who can undergo an FUE treatment?
Any person who has a ‘hairless’ area or has baldness or even has completely lost his or her hair can undergo a hair transplant. People who have lost their hair due to the treatments for various diseases or accidents can also choose to undergo a hair transplant to re-grow their hair.

The donor area is first determined by the doctor. Thereafter the follicles from the donor area is collected and transferred to the recipient area. The follicles thus collected are inserted into small slits made for the graft of the follicles. The dense follicles are placed in the inner areas where dense hair is required and the front and the sides are lined with smaller follicles. It takes around three months to get the hair growing as normal. After a period of six months, re-vitalised growth of hair can be obtained. In FUE, the slits made are very small and hence are cured in a very short span of less than a week. The major advantage of an FUE is that only local anaesthesia is used and hence the complications are minimised. In addition to that, the risk of an infection is very less in FUE.

SareenHair Clinic is a premier institution that deals with hair transplantation. The rich tradition of traditional methods of FUE coupled with the most modern techniques, has made itself very popular and trustworthy in this field.

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