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Are you Suffering from Hair fall?

Hair fall is a common problem and affects people of any age. Hair fall can damage an individual hair scalp. Hair fall is a condition in which an individual suffer with excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair fall with age is the common cause of hair fall. People use different hairstyles, makeup, hats or wig, scarves to hide their hair loss. The condition occurs due to hair fall is also known as baldness.
 The causes of hair fall are

·         Hormonal changes

·         Certain medical conditions

·         Medications

·         Family history (heredity)

·         Any type of mental or physical shock

·         Certain treatment or hairstyles

·         Radiation therapy

Hair fall is short term problem but makes long term, if not getting a proper treatment at right time. Hair fall is also occurring if a person suffers with high blood pressure, taking birth control pills, depression, or heart problems. The symptoms of hair fall include

·         Circular or patchy bald spots

·         Excessive hair fall

·         Patches of scaling

·         Gradual thinning on the head top

·         Certain skin problems

·         Infection in scalp

·         Hormonal changes


Effective hair loss treatment techniques are available which can reduce the hair fall, improve hair growth and hide bald spots developed due to lost hair. Treatment for hair fall includes medications, laser therapy, surgery, and use of hair pieces or wigs. Surgery is the most common type of hair fall treatment. However, the laser treatment is vastly used for promoting and improving hair growth. Hair restoration or transplant surgery also helps in re-growing of the hairs or saving remaining hairs. Though, it is a slightly painful and an expensive treatment method. There are certain risk factors associated with the treatment such as poor nutrition, stress, age, family history, and certain medical conditions like pregnancy, diabetes.

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