Thursday, 17 November 2016

Robotic Hair Transplant : Perfect Solution To Baldness

Robotic Hair Transplantation is the greatest evolution in the Hair transplantation industry. The total FUE extraction (Manual extraction of follicular units) is done by the image-guided robotic system which assists and does the process with its arms under the guidance of the Surgeon. 


Under local anesthesia, Robotic Hair Transplantation is done as an outpatient procedure. Since separating follicular units from the surrounding skin is repetitive and laborious work requires precision. Micro punching of the follicular unit and aligning the dividing instrument carefully with the follicles can prohibit damages. Follicular Unit Extraction, procedure complies with this step manually thousand times, which may lead to some human turbulence. In this case, the Robotic Hair transplants a robotic arm which is monitored and accessed by the surgeon for each graft to harvest. A robotic arm, then installed with a 1mm needle that contains both sharp and dull components used to graft, arranges the unit for forceps to remove by the surgeon. After the removal of a follicular unit, the machine starts rescanning the donor site, with the help of randomization pattern, the next graft is chosen. The removed follicular units from the scalp transported to a vessel robotically where the follicular units would be kept cool until the implantation.
  • Less invasive procedure
  • Achieves Top results
  • No sutures or staples
  • Decreased donor scarring
  • Speed and efficient with least labor
  • Shorter healing time
  • Increased rate of Extraction of follicular units
  • Grafted area required less trimming
  • The follow-up procedure is done the next day for the scalp examination and the patient will be taught by the surgeon as to how to protect the newly implanted hair.

Sareen Hair Clinic also does the advanced Robotic Hair Transplantation in New Delhi. This painless procedure makes both the patient and doctor comfortable and thus, the patient receives the best result.
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