Non Surgical Hair Replacement Techniques

Non surgical hair replacement is a convenient choice for the people who are in the latent stage of hair loss. Sareen hair clinic offers customized non surgical procedures to satisfy the requirements of patient. We have a team of experts who deals with non surgical hair replacement and they will help you to achieve more elegant and natural looking hair styles. Know more about hair replacement techniques available at our clinic.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving also named as hair integration, this is done by using natural remy hair applies to the the scalp to cover baldness and to provide more thickness to hair. The extra hair is added by choosing hair folliclecles that suits the existing, different techniques such as hair bonding, tree braiding, fusion, tracking, tree braiding are used to complete the procedure. Among these techniques Lace extension is known to be the latest.

Hair Extension

This is a safest procedure used to increase the volume and length of hair by incorporating artificial hair. It will act as a protective layer to natural hair, an individual can experiment new hair styles with this technique.

Hair Microwefting

The procedure is painless and quick, its a kind of hair bonding. Additional follow up care doesnt needed in this procedure. The hair follicles are attached with the help of invisible clips. The procedure is risk free and have no side effects.

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding can be termed as a temporary hair weaving method. With this procedure an individual can add colour to hair along with adding volume.

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