Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ultimate Solution to Hair Loss

Hair is one of the most important ingredients of an individual’s beauty. Most of the people give utmost care to their hair style and hence the growth of their hair. Sareen Hair Clinic is one of the leading clinics that provide Hair Regrowth Treatment in Delhi.

Who can go for a Hair Regrowth?
A hair regrowth can be used by any person who wants to have a fresh culture of natural hair or have it grown again due to hair loss or so. It will be very beneficial for people who had lost their hair in different ways like treatments or accidents.

Stem Cell Therapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is one way to deal with hair loss. The hair follicles in our body contain stem cells which can be activated to stimulate hair growth. This is done as a part of therapy process which includes genetically engineering stem cells and harvesting it, to be used in the area to be treated.

Another method is hair transplant, which is widely accepted as a high yielding process. It is simply a grafting method. In this method, the required follicles are transferred from some other part of the body and are rejuvenated to promote hair growth. This is also a surgical process.
Another method usually followed is that of the use of hair follicle stimulators. Using the method of laser explosion at low levels will stimulate the blood flow and nutrition.

Sareen Hair Clinic is one of the busiest hair care centres in India. We provide wide range of treatments for all hair loss issues.

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