Sunday, 5 February 2017

Get Lengthy and Bouncing Hair Instantly

Everyone cannot be mentally and physically fit to adopt surgical hair transplant and it is a fact that the expense may not be affordable by all. In such cases, non-surgical hair replacement is an alternative treatment which is performed quicker and is safer than traditional surgical hair transplant. The non surgical hair replacement is the good choice of the people who are at the later stage of hair loss. There are some perfect methods of non surgical hair replacement which are available in the cosmetic world and those are Hair bonding, Hair extension, Hair micro wefting and hair weaving. We shall go through the procedure of each treatment at a glimpse.

Hair Bonding: It is a temporary hair weaving method. The procedure can add color to the natural hair along with adding volume. The extra hair is matched with the existing hair by checking with color, density, curl/wave. The procedure implies very simple steps. In the initial step, the sample hair is taken to match up with the natural hair. Then the sample hair is arranged and fixed to the scalp within the natural hair to deliver the best result as per one’s expectation.
Hair Extension: It is the safest method to increase the volume and length of the hair. By incorporating natural or artificial hair one’s hair is lengthened in this process. Though the hair is colored or experimented with new hairstyles, this procedure protects the natural hair. Nowadays hair extension has become trendy among people.
Hair Microwefting: Hair Microwefting is a non-surgical hair bonding procedure that is done at quick, painless and safe phase. Such an innovative technique does not require any follow-up. In this procedure using invisible clips, hair is clipped. However, there is a limitation for using shampoos, hair cut, style and coloring in this procedure. It suits perfectly to all kind of baldness and no side effects or risks are present by the procedure. Hair microwefting procedure gives a natural and flawless look.
Hair Weaving: Hair weaving procedure is also called as hair integration. The procedure results with long, thicker and instant hair. This procedure can be done in picture perfect manner only by a highly skilled professional by avoiding negative results. Hair weaving type suits to all men and women and all types of hair. The hair can be shampooed, oiled and tied in any style as such the natural hair. Flexibility and adaptability are the main advantages of the hair weaving procedure.
Sareen Hair Clinic is a premier Institution that provides all kinds of hair treatments with state-of-art techniques in International standards. Non Surgical Hair Replacement is one of the famous treatments offered by Sareen Hair Clinic.

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