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Non Surgical Hair transplant keeps your hair intact

Hair fall or hair loss has come to become ‘Achilles heel’ for people reaching their middle ages. You have to just look around in the street or in your office and it strikes like a thunderbolt that most of the people with receding hair or going bald are in their prime of youth. Now you caress your hair letting out a sigh of relief thinking that your hair is intact People seeking emancipation from this sledgehammer of premature hair loss is only augmenting day by day.
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Factors contributing to Hair loss

Multiple factors could contribute to hair loss. Present generation lives in a time where the struggle to carve a place for themselves in the highest echelons takes a toll on them increasing physical, emotional and mental stress. The main victim of this stress-related life is our most adored hair that takes a prime place in the way we try to project ourselves. There are other equally valid reasons that cause hair loss that includes unbalances diet, vitamin deficiency, heredity, weight loss, drugs, steroids pregnancy, chemotherapy and of course aging.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant came as a boon for people intimidated by constant hair loss in early 1950’s, introduced by Dr. Orentreich. Later many new innovations and improvisations done on hair transplant made this popular in urban cities. In India Hair transplant as an alternative to the remedies in the form of hair oils reached the imagination of the people much later. Many variations of hair transplant exist now, surgical and nonsurgical. Nonsurgical form of treatment works at the initial stages of hair loss.

Non Surgical Hair transplant in India

Non surgical hair transplant is helpful if it’s at the latent stage and the baldness has not manifested itself. The restoration of hair in this method can be effectuated using Hair weaving, Hair extension, Hair microwefting, hair bonding etc. With this process, the natural look of a person could be restored that matches his lifestyle with treatment. Non-surgical treatment of hair loss also consists of medication and the application of oil and extracts.

Sareen Hair Clinic

SHC, best hair transplant in Delhi was founded by Dr.S.Sareen in 1980 with the aim of providing hair loss solutions which were then at a nascent stage in India. Her passion and obsession in bringing about a change in people’s lives using her art have shone through with the growth of the firm. She has collected rare herbs from the interior of parts of India and has successfully converted them into beauty potions. The clinic boasts of a dedicated team of staff who are aligned with the vision that the SHC forwards. Advice for staff is always at hand from the leading protagonists of the firm. Dr. Sakshi Sareen and Dr. Mansi Sareen are personalities who embarked on this eventful journey of the firm along with Dr.S.Saren.Equipped with latest technology and facilities they are well ahead of their peers.
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