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Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi - Sareen

Hey, are you looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi?????? Visit Sareen Hair Clinic in Delhi for the best option....!!!

Sareen Hair Clinic, well known as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, provides surgical and non surgical hair transplant procedures at affordable cost. Sareen Hair clinic is founded by Dr. Sareen in 1980's. Where Dr. S Sareen is a unique person who is extremely skilled in various techniques.

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Hair Transplant Treatments provided at Sareen Hair Clinic Delhi

  • Surgical Hair Transplant

The surgical transplant is one of the most effective treatment option for hair loss or baldness. In this surgical process, the hair follicles are moved from the donor site to the recipient areas. The procedure will bring long-term and permanent solutions. Types of Surgical Hair Transplantations are,

* FUE Hair Transplant - Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a surgical hair transplant procedure to restore the lost hair. In the FUE hair transplant procedure, the follicular units are extracted individually from the scalp using a small, sharp cylindrical punch.

* Direct Hair Transplant - Direct implant is the most advanced hair restoration technique, which is completely quick and painless. During the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. The extracted follicles are then implanted directly.

* Body Hair Transplant - Body hair transplant is meant for patients who do not have enough hair on the head for transplanting. Hair from other parts of the body, such as from the legs, stomach, arms, chest, back and the armpits are taken for body hair transplant.

* Hollywood Hair Transplant - In this method, artificial hair is implanted into the recipient area as a replacement of natural hair.

* Robotic Hair Transplant - In Robotic Hair Transplant, the image-guided robotic system will help in assisting us with a robotic arm which does the follicular unit extraction (FUE) extraction.

hair transplant clinic in delhi

* Beard Transplant

* Eyebrow Transplant
  • Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Nonsurgical hair replacement is the best option for those who are in the latent stage of hair loss. Types of Non-Surgical Hair Transplants are,

* Hair Weaving - It is a non-surgical procedure which uses natural Remy hair woven into the scalp to give more thickness and cover baldness.
* Hair Extension - It is the method by which one’s hair is lengthened by incorporating natural or artificial hair.

* Hair Microwefting - In this procedure, the hair is clipped using specially designed invisible clips.

* Hair Bonding - Hair bonding is a kind of temporary hair weaving method, which also adds colors to natural hair.
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