Friday, 7 April 2017

Battling Hair Fall With The Latest Hair Fall Treatment Techniques

Hair fall is a major cause of concern these days. The summer heat is pushing the issue beyond bounds as well. Having about 80% of the total population in grapples with the issue, its high time an ideal solution for hair fall is found. With the best hair fall treatment in Delhi, Sareen Hair Clinic has come up with a comprehensive package solution to battle hair fall.
Hair fall not only affects your looks, it effects your self-confidence as well. When you are called uncle or aunty by folks not so younger than you, you lose it! Your self-confidence hits an all-time low. But not anymore. With the latest techniques and methods, hair fall treatment at Delhi offers you customised solution to suit your needs.

A hair fall ranging from 50 to 100 strands a day is considered quite normal. A fall beyond that can be a result of disorders like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, deficiencies and so on. Hair fall can be cured by hair regrowth techniques or through hair transplant.
Hair Regrowth Techniques
Hair regrowth techniques involves a set of therapies that are done to the scalp to facilitate natural hair regrowth. The different hair regrowth therapies offered at SHC, Delhi include: -
  • PRP Therapy – also known as Stem cell therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy involves injecting platelet rich plasma extracted from the patient’s blood, into his scalp.
  • Oxygen Therapy – a technique to detoxify scalp and hair, oxygen therapy revitalizes the sebaceous gland that produce natural oil in the scalp hence promoting hair growth.
  • Meso therapy – used in extreme cases of baldness, it is done in about 8 sessions of injecting concentrated nutrient fluids to the scalp at the parts of hair loss.
  • Laser Hair Therapy – this therapy utilises laser light for stimulating the regrowth of natural hair.

Hair Transplant Methods
Hair transplant methods are selected based on the intensity of the issue and choice of the patient. They include non-surgical transplant technique like hair bonding, hair weaving, hair extensions and so on. Surgical hair transplant techniques are also available. One of the best in the world, Robotic Hair Transplant is the latest addition to this array.
Sareen Hair Clinic (SHC), offers the best hair fall treatment in Delhi with techniques that are latest in the industry.

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