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What Causes Hair Loss?

Everyone loses hair. Normally it can be found during your morning shower and when you are blowing your hair to get it dry. From the view of hair specialists it is normal to lose a fifty to hundred hairs a day and with the time changes this will get replaced by another hair follicles.
If an individual losing more than hundred hairs in a day that can be considered as a condition of hair loss.
There are various kind of hair loss treatments. Before you treat this condition you must know the reasons behind the hair loss. There are many factors that affecting your hair growth. Here we have listed some causes of hair loss and its solution

Physical Stress: In case of women a noticeable hair loss can be seen after pregnancy. Also any kind of physical trauma, surgery, severe illness can lead to temporary hair loss, this condition is commonly called as telogen effluvium

Hair has a certain kind of cycle a growth phase, a rest phase, a shedding phase, if you are in a mental or physical stress it will affect this cycle and this pushes more hair in shedding phase. So try to recover from all your mental stress then automatically the hair will regrow.

Excess Intake of Vitamin A: Excess intake of medications containing vitamin A can trigger hair loss. For the normal growth of hair, overdoing of vitamin A should be halted.

Lack of Protein: Protein is a necessary factor to stimulate hair growth. The lack of protein may lead to hair loss. So include protein rich food items in your diet like fish meat, eggs and protein rich vegetarian products like green peas, quinoa, beans, chick peas etc.

Male Pattern Baldness: This is arising due to a combo of genes and male sex hormones. Usually it occurs at the age of 60. There are some creams like minoxidil and medications like finasteride etc can help to halt hair loss. Hair transplant is also an option

Heredity Conditions: hair loss can occur due to heredity conditions. androgenetic alopecia is a female version of male pattern baldness and this causes hair thinning in women. Women also get benefits from minoxidil creams to prevent hair loss.

Weight Loss: A major weight loss is a type of physical trauma and this causes hair thinning problems. And it will get corrected after six moths

Over Styling: Vigorous hair styling and hair treatments like hair weaving, tight braid and hair straightening chemicals etc. will increase the chances of your hair to fall out. Avoid these kind of styles and treatments. Use conditioners after shampoo, letting your hair air dry etc. Will protect your hair.

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