Thursday, 11 June 2015

Know Everything About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a highly trending surgical method to cure baldness or thinning of hair due to its statistically proven high satisfactory results . The Surgical Hair Transplant procedure involves removal of hair from the donor site and replacing them on the recipient site. Baldness in males is usually caused by genetic factors while it is caused by hormonal changes in women. The transplant is well suited for both males and females despite the diverged causes. The time and money consumed by the surgery depends upon the degree of balding one is suffering from. It also depends upon the current stage of balding and thinning, the requirement of follicular units and the desired density of hair.

Hair Transplant Benefits

Hair loss often disables the person to style their hair, leads to loss of personal attractiveness and makes one’s face look older which further deteriorates the person’s self esteem and causes them to be more introverted and shy. The self-consciousness and negative thoughts about oneself is what prompts the person to opt for hair transplant. 

Hair transplant is a safe procedure with very few risks and side effects involved. An average of 50,000 men go for hair transplants each year since it’s been proven to be the most effective remedy to treat hair loss. In fact, many famous celebrities like David Beckham, Jude law, Salman Khan and Govinda chose hair transplants to deal with hair loss.
After 2-6 months of undergoing the hair transplant, the transplanted hair usually shed away while after 3-8 weeks of transplant the new and permanent hair begin to sprout. It requires 10-12 months worth patience to see the complete results of the transplant as the hair continue to grow longer and denser till then. Once these transplanted hair begin to grow, they continue to grow for a lifetime without any obstacles. Here you can see our patients getting best results after the transplantation.

The surgery at our clinic is performed by skilled and experienced medical professionals who guarantee to serve you with the desirable results. Our medical team promises you the perfect outcome and assures to devise the appropriate mechanism and best strategy to deal with your hair loss as well as undertakes the responsibility to make your transplanted hair look no different than your existing hair.

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